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The Big Hairy Quiz | The online ‘pub quiz’ for hairdressers!

March 31, 2020

Let’s get quizzical! Salon teams are ready to flex their hair knowledge in the ultimate hairdressing pub quiz

Bringing the hairdressing community together, a group of industry pros have devised the ultimate hair related quiz to keep spirits high during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Big Hairy Quiz will go live on Facebook on Tuesday 7th April at 8pm, hosted by quiz master Jo Robertson, Education Director at Wonderful Brands.

Open to hairdressers and salons alike, teams are invited to test their hair knowledge and battle it out for glory as the weekly winner.

The quiz will feature five fabulously hairy rounds with categories including Hair Science, Hair History, General Hair Knowledge, Hair Icons and Hair Music – with questions created for hairdressers by hairdressers, calling on the best in the business for their in-depth knowledge.

Team names are a must, the ‘punnier’ the better, and salons are encouraged to ‘phone a friend’ by getting together on Facetime to play along. After team scores are posted in the comments, a weekly winner will be announced, gaining them a place on The Big Hairy Quiz leader board.

Jo Robertson said “With salons closed and businesses shutting shop for the foreseeable, a hairdressing pub quiz seemed like the perfect opportunity to reignite some fun and connection in our usually vivacious and creative community.

“As an industry we’re so used to constant communication – with clients, colleagues and our hairdressing network. What better way to re-group than a bit of healthy (and hairy) competition! Not only will the quiz give us all a good giggle, there’s a chance we will learn something too. I’m dusting off my sparkly blazer as we speak!”

To take part, join The Big Hairy Quiz Facebook Group and tune in for the first quiz on Tuesday 7th April at 8pm.

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