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The B Plan by Louis Byrne

October 29, 2020

Louis Byrne is making it his mission to make The B Plan, everyone’s plan A! If you get our drift.

Louis is the founder of I Can I Am And I Will (ICIAIW), his inspirational campaign all about wellness through self-care – yes, that’s right looking after yourself and feeling good about it. That means he is looking out for the hardworking, over-heating, PPE’d up to the nines hairdressers who are in danger of being mentally, emotionally, and physically frazzled.

The B Plan has four simple moves:

Breathe – take time to cool the system with deep breaths

Break – ensure you use your breaks wisely – move, stretch, eat and hydrate

Boost – listen to something funny, or have a laugh with a colleague, enjoy your client work – bring your best you

Believe – what you put out will bring rewards, to others & yourself, so keep the circle of care going

Louis has created a poster campaign for salons to share in their staff rooms, and on their team whatsapp or closed Facebook groups to encourage teams to look out for themselves and each other, with the end goal being they are happy and well in themselves and then in turn they’ll have more to give to their clients. Afterall, like charity, self-care starts at home.


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