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Takara Belmont’s Yume iXi | PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT

February 01, 2024

Limited space can still be luxurious with the new Yume iXi backwash, the latest addition to Takara Belmont’s popular Yume Series.

Let your clients enjoy an out-of-the-ordinary backwash experience with this little beauty. Elegantly designed and expertly crafted, the iXi’s superior ergonomics and precision engineering transforms shampooing into something special, oozing quality, comfort and service luxury.

As well as elevating shampoo and treatment services, the Yume Series also allows for the introduction of spa-style treatments that entice clients to try new experiences. Enhancing their loyalty and accelerating revenue growth, the new iXi backwash is a valued addition to this offering.

Yume iXi is ideal for salons that want to upscale backwash services even when they’re more limited for space. It has a contemporary design, yet it harnesses features that are the hallmark of our globally renowned Yume Series. This means salons can offer clients supreme levels of comfort in a more upright position without compromising sensations of luxury.”- Katie Fielder, Takara Belmont National Sales Manager

Client comfort and space-saving luxury without compromise.

As a more compact backwash concept, space-saving iXi embraces the spirit, soul and technical precision of Takara Belmont’s Yume Series in every way, while expanding high-end possibilities for more space sensitive salon environments.

With horizontal belts adding to its aesthetic, these effectively disperse the client’s weight to different parts of the chair at varying angles, while supporting plush seat cushioning beneath to provide customised comfort for clients of every stature. Coupled with a lumbar cushion, this design supports the lower back to ensure a comfortable position is maintained at all times. The foot-pedal operated reclining motion allows backwash technicians to gently and smoothly recline the client up to 45 ̊ into a semi-flat position.

Also featuring Takara Belmont’s signature gel-filled neck cushion and head pillows, thermostatic control and a dual-flow shower head with two water-flow settings, this new addition offers a feeling of premium luxurious comfort to your clients at the backwash.

Discover the iXi here