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Sweets and treats to say thank you

June 11, 2020

Keeping teams engaged, confident, secure and motivated have been key drivers for most salon owners and there have been myriad ways this has happened from our now favourite (or not so favourite) zoom sessions, to phone calls, to facetime…… Kerry Mather, dynamic owner of KJM Salons in Fleet has yet again been a powerhouse in this department with social distancing and government guidelines firmly intact, she has found a very personal way to reach out.

This time her team of 19 are on the receiving end of her action, with each team member receiving a gift of flowers with a personal message thanking them again for their support and loyalty and personalised ‘sweetie’ boxes as a special treat to share with their loved ones.  “I think they went down really well, and it was my little way to say I can’t wait to see them as we get back to work and doing what we are best at.” commented Kerry.  

Not only has Kerry been tending to her team, but her clients have loved her ‘drop and go’ homecare packs.  Taking orders and chatting about hair care needs that has kept her in touch with her clients and as a nice side benefit has brought a revenue to date of £13,000 during lockdown.

In this their 30th Anniversary week, it is a great time to remember that it is always the little touches that count the most.