Salon switches to an eco-friendly version of the traditional foil

October 14, 2019

Foil is a thing of the past now at Q Hair and Beauty, Chichester’s premier salon, which has switched to an eco-friendly version of the traditional foil used in salons across the world.

Adopting Paper Not Foil is in line with the green ethos of this multi-award-winning business, which leapt at the opportunity to introduce a less wasteful and more eco-friendly product both in the Chichester salon and its branches in Donnington and Midhurst.

The world’s first re-useable and bio-degradable hair foil, Paper Not Foil is made from industrial waste and can be re-used up to three times, reducing salon waste and salon costs.

The product is already proving its worth and effectiveness at Q and general manager Kain Lawrence is delighted that it fits in so well with the salon’s aim to be as eco-friendly as possible in every respect.

“We use over 20,000 feet of foil every month and although we were aware this was not good for the planet, without a workable alternative we simply had no choice,” he says. “The existing foil we were using, as in most salons, can’t be re-used as the process to ensure it is clean and smooth ready for the next guest is just not possible. We were introduced to Paper Not Foil around six weeks ago and although we were intrigued and wanted to find out more about it, initially we were rather sceptical, wondering if it were something we could adopt to help protect the planet, but without pushing up our cost per application.”

Kain continues: “The best thing is that they’re re-useable and can then be recycled. For us, that means saving a whopping 236,000 feet of foil from landfill every year. That is enough square feet of foil to completely cover the entire pitch at Wembley Stadium. We’re delighted to have adopted a product which is so good for the planet but also performs so well and actually cuts our costs.”

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