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Super Sponsors | Denman Donates to Hope365

September 08, 2023

Hope365 strives to rescue and empower orphaned, poverty-stricken, vulnerable children in the large town of Shashemene in Ethiopia. The Northern Irish charity with International NGQ status has been transforming the lives of children by offering ‘group homes’, school education and critical support for many years. Recently, the charity was gifted a collection of Denman brushes for the children and babies in their care, and Denman will continue to offer ongoing gifts as required.

Michael Holmes, Chief Executive of Hope365 said “It’s hard for us to imagine the level of poverty these children experience. In most of their cases, owning one set of clothes is as good as it gets! These children would never have had the opportunity of owning their own quality hairbrush, and yet they take such pride in how they present themselves. We are very grateful for all the various brushes and combs Denman have provided.

The charity’s most recent commitment is to establish the Hope365 Academy. This offers free education for almost 400 of the most vulnerable, orphaned boys and girls in the town, as well as a nutritious breakfast and school dinner.

Super Sponsors | Denman Donates to Hope365

Above: Pupils from the Hope365 Academy with their new brushes.

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