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Summer’s in the Hair | Jake Unger

August 17, 2023

With summer in full swing, it’s the perfect opportunity to offer clients something new. We spoke to HOB Salons Head of Education, Jake Unger, about the three key trends you should be recommending right now.

Summer’s in the Hair

Short & Sweet

Style: Do you have clients that are flirting with taking the chop? Dare them to be different and push them to stand out from the crowd – a style overhaul can be transformative, but it often leads to the wow factor! This shorter look has a playful femininity and – by introducing length and texture around the perimeter – this version of a pixie cut will allow your client to rock this style in a number of ways.

Colour: To show off this short and sweet style in all its glory, a rich global base is the perfect foundation. Depending on your client’s skin tone and eye colour, work with modern biscuit blonde tones to encapsulate the image of the modern woman.

Summer’s in the Hair 1

Straight to the Point

Style: A sophisticated, yet effortlessly cool take on the timeless bob, bringing a sense of glamour to an everyday, wearable hairstyle. This season’s bob is one length, jaw skimming, sleek and with a mirror finish. The cut is the ultimate power dressing look, illustrating the difference between an average bob and a WOW bob. It’s like an Hermes bag versus a Zara bag; both may be leather with a similar handle, but the Hermes bag sets the trend, and the quality is undeniable.

Colour: Creating a glass-like finish to enhance the sharpness of this fierce style can be achieved with a gloss colour or root touch up. By adding a highlighting service that includes glossy, golden and oatmeal tones, you can add depth and dimension to your colour, resulting in the perfect hue to complement your bob.

Summer’s in the Hair 2

Texture, Texture, Texture

Style: In a season that’s all about flaunting your natural beauty, this trend is all about texture, texture, texture. Embrace natural curls and texture with this modern shaggy style. Paving the way with undone, razored layers, encourage your clients to embrace their inner rock chicks.

Colour: Brunettes are no longer one dimensional; they are now enriched with glossy caramel hues and deep saturated tones. The Luxe Lights service from HOB’s brand-new colour menu is my go-to technique as it creates a beautiful, soft combination of a root tint and T-section highlights, entirely personalised to the cut, skin tone and eye colour of each individual client.

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