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Summer’s hottest hair trends with Schwarzkopf Professional

June 23, 2022

Who better to grill on what’s hot right now than some of the industry’s most exciting artists?

With temperatures starting to rise and thoughts turning to holiday plans, we caught up with some of Schwarzkopf Professional’s creative talent to talk layers, the ‘Mixie’ and why short is definitely sweet this Summer…


‘I think we are going to see a real mix of styles, with people thinking less about ‘trends’ and more about what they feel is right for them and in turn, making style choices that suit their personality…’says Max Andrea – Claxton Hair of the Schwarzkopf Pro Young Artistic Team. ‘I know so many people right now who have a totally unique hairstyle that suits them – and I am here for it!’

Katie Cook, Brooke Evans Ironbridge, #SKPCollective Member says: ‘More clients seem to be asking for more shape, texture and movement in their hair… I think the shag is definitely going to be a popular one, but a shag that’s not so severe, more natural looking!

Zack Hammond, Hooker & Young, Schwarzkopf Pro Young Artistic Team Member agrees: I think the biggest trend this year will be the return of the hair “style”. The long, layered waved hair days are coming to an end. Blunt bobs and heavy fringes are back ,with a subtle nod to the 90’s. For those looking for a more urban style, I predict a progression of the curly shag, with the likes of Rita Ora and Zendaya paving the way.’

‘If the shag was the biggest haircut of 2021, the ‘mixie’ will be the cut of 2022’ says Chloe Streets, #SKPCollective member and stylist at Wardman Alexander Hairdressing. ‘The mixie cut has the wearability of a pixie hairstyle with the edginess of a mullet – a grown-out crop with a fringe, embracing natural texture with flicks, curls and kinks – especially around the ears and neckline. It’s cute, androgynous and yet still feels feminine.’


Mark Hammond, Farah Naz Hair, Schwarzkopf Pro Young Artistic Team Member is a fan of the mullet for summer: I love them because they can be so versatile and tailored to suit a lot of different people.  My tip would be to work with the natural hair texture and use buildable products like salt spray and powder to make it more lived-in.’


‘Cut wise, this summer we will be piggybacking off the curtain bangs and seeing more bottleneck bangs, which create a sexier yet softer feel’ says #SKPCollective member Hannah-Mae from Hensmans. 

Rhys Chiwara, November Collective, Schwarzkopf Pro Young Artistic Team Member, agrees. ‘I am loving the fact that 70’s style bottleneck bangs are coming back into fashion. It’s so current, it’s easy for clients to style and it looks fab if you are throwing your hair up because you’ve still got a lot of softness around the face. To style, I’d go for a loose textured wave with a lot of volume but really focus on the fringe, the bottleneck bangs need to be quite soft and feathery – and the same with the layers.’


‘90s supermodel layers are huge right now – think long soft layers, as well as feathery face framing layers’ says Caitlin Trenholme, Salon 3, Schwarzkopf Pro Young Artistic Team Member.To get that iconic Cindy Crawford 90s supermodel look, add super soft long square layers throughout the hair and finish off in sections by over directing the front pieces over the face to frame it. You could always add some shorter bangs which are massive at the minute too.’

‘I’m so glad to see people wanting their hair cut and moving away from all one length’ says Alannah Finnegan, Natural Hair Co., #SKPCollective Member. ‘Layers are back, like Rachel Green from Friends – such an iconic trend!’

Rebecca Watkins, Tweedie & Marshall, Schwarzkopf Pro Young Artistic Team Member is a Friends fan too:I’m loving the ‘Rachel’ layered look – and so are my clients! It’s so popular the now and it really suits every age group. It adds texture and shape round the face and a different dimension to the overall haircut.’


‘Short hair is gearing up to be this year’s hottest look’ says Marz, Billi Currie, #SKPCollective Member. Somewhere between a pixie cut and a short bob, the torn bob is ultra-short at the nape of the neck and longer at the front. Model Jean Campbell has a version of this cut and she looks so stylish and cool, I love it.’

Farah Naz, Farah Naz Hair, #SKPCollective Member says:Short hair is making a comeback! From the tousled bob to the more elfin styles and shorter French chic looks, these cuts are stunning and perfect for the warmer months.’

‘For a long time, long hair has been as symbol of femininity’ says Hannah-Mae, Hensmans, #SKPCollective Member. ‘But I think this view is starting to shift and is becoming a lot more inclusive, with shorter hair being the style of choice for lots of influential women.’


According to Farah Naz, Farah Naz Hair, #SKPCollective Memberlike the rest of the Y2K trends, highlights are on their way back! Clients want to be lighter in general, as well as from the roots, with some small root taps for a little longevity, rather than the big, blended grow outs. Creamier blondes will also be popular this summer – gone is the ashy blonde, we’re here for the beachy warmer tones.’

Alannah Finnegan, Natural Hair Co., #SKPCollective Member, agrees: My prediction – the blonder the better! But opt for a mixture of different shades as ashy blonde is out and multi-tonal is in! Biscuit blonde is my fave for 2022!

‘My summer 2022 predictions for hair are definitely more scandi, beachy blondes’ says Katie Cook, Brooke Evans Ironbridge, #SKPCollective Member.Already I have had clients trying to dodge the ash – and I’m living for it!’

Chloe Streets, #SKPCollective member and stylist at Wardman Alexander Hairdressing says: ‘Blondes will be brighter, lighter and better! The hot trend will be warmer hues to create more of an expensive feel – adding dimensional gold tones will keep h
air from looking flat and create shine.’


Hannah-Mae, Hensmans, #SKPCollective Member says: ‘Normally blonde is a go-to for summer, but darker shades are a serious move for 2022… I think we’re going to see a shift with people heading back to their natural colour or adding lowlights to create a lived-in feel.’

‘For the brunettes babes, midnight brown is super on-trend’ says Chloe Streets, Wardman Alexander Hairdressing, #SKPCollective member.It has been seen on Olivia Rodrigo, Dua Lipa, and Megan Fox, who have all sported off-black ash hair.’

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