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Make sure your brushes are completely clean as we head into lockdown |Step-by-Step Brush Care by Kent Salon

October 29, 2020

Are your brushes completely clean?

Keeping your kit clean has always been important, Make sure your brushes are completely clean as we head into lockdown.

While it’s essential to make sure your brushes and combs are properly disinfected, some chemicals and cleaning methods can cause damage to your kit. With that in mind, Kent Salon have pulled together the perfect step-by-step for keeping your brushes clean, while ensuring they remain in top condition.

Step one: Fill a bowl with lukewarm water and add a little shampoo; do not add any other cleaning substances. Mix the shampoo and lukewarm water together, then insert the brush, bristle side down.

Step two: Allow the brush to sit for a few minutes. The shampoo will act as a surfactant to gently remove oil and excess dirt clinging to the bristles.

Step three: Remove the brush from the water and gently shake to remove as much moisture as possible.

Step four: Fill a second bowl with lukewarm water. Allow the brush to sit in the plain water for a few minutes, to remove any shampoo.

Step five: Remove the brush and, again, shake it as dry as possible.

Step six: Place the brush onto an appropriate surface – such as a towel – to dry. Do not put the brush near a heat source or in strong sunlight to speed up the drying process.


Kent Salon strongly advises against using any harsh chemicals on their brushes, as this can lead to damage. To disinfect brushes between washing, regularly use an antibacterial spray.

Avoid aggressive scrubbing or rubbing of the brush’s bristles. For persistent dirt, repeat the above steps as many times as required.

Take care to avoid submerging brushes in water for a long period of time, as this may also lead to damage.