Product Round Up

SIZE MATTERS | 4 of the most lightweight hair dryers on the market

March 02, 2022

To a hairdresser size can definitely matter and with traditional hairdryers usually being heavier, you can begin to feel it after a day of styling. Here are four of the most lightweight and compact dryers on the market right now.



HH Simonsen ergonomically designed the Compact Dryer XS with functionality and comfort in mind. You’ll love the weight of it at only 430 grams (less than a half bag of sugar) and despite being so light still carries a powerful 2000 watt motor. With aerodynamic wings and ionic technology for strong airflow, this small, but strong and efficient hairdryer achieves a frizz-free result in a faster time. The Compact XS is exclusively distributed in the UK by Passion4hair.

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The ultra-light weight Alyon with air ionizer technology is the newest Parlux dryer, featuring all the latest technological advancements. Weighing just 450 grams with an incredible 2250 watts of power and a revolutionary K-Advance Plus motor, the Parlux Alyon offers a massive 84 cubic metres per hour airflow to dry hair faster and leave it healthier than ever before. Ultra-light weight, quiet and durable, the Parlux Alyon is equipped with a unique hair-free system which can be removed and cleaned to ensure your hairdryer functions at it’s optimal level. Complete with ionic ceramic technology it guarantees healthy, static-free hair and the built-in silencer greatly reduces the noise.

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The VARIS IQ is part of the new VARIS collection from Kao Salon – a range of meticulously crafted styling tools that will allow you, the stylist, to effortlessly achieve flawless results every time they are in your hands. The VARIS IQ is the lightest dryer on the professional market at 294g. The breakthrough, featherweight VARIS IQ Blow Dryer was created in collaboration with Gama Professional. Its technology will work with you. It is powered by an intelligent brushless motor, producing a unique powerful vacuum effect that quietly multiplies air flow. Be safe in the knowledge that your client’s hair is in good hands. The fully digital interface and temperature sensor ensure the flow of customised air and temperature settings, eliminating overheating to protect hair. And it’s kind to you! Its ergonomically balanced design allows for all-day usage.

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With a powerful motor that weighs just a quarter of a typical professional AC motor, this compact diffuser dryer doesn’t compromise on strength or performance. The motor has been expertly designed for ultra-fast drying with significantly less motor noise, allowing for a stress-free salon environment and easier communications with your clients and the attachments are easily connected making them easy to rotate and remove. The Atmos Dry also features Diva Pro’s Atmos Plus Conditioning System which speeds up dry time, improves feeling and manageability of the hair, reduces frizz and static and increases shine.

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