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SHOT! Sam Burnett, Hare & Bone

June 11, 2020

This Anti-Gravity Ponytail from my collection “Hare & Pony” is one of my all-time favourites in my portfolio. Hare & Pony is a body of work creating a collection from one discipline, in this instance the ponytail.

This was a challenge as I wanted to show a range of skills, styling, cutting, colouring and editorial finish whilst staying true to pony story. I love this image because it really represents my style of clean effortless hair. Everything in this image is designed to draw the viewer in, the strong eyes grab the attention, then the flow of the hair brings the eye to the detail of the ponytail base. The lighting is very clean so all the detail can been seen, adding to the stippled back subtle feeling.

At first glance, it’s a clean effortless ponytail, however when you take a closer look it is defying gravity; no pins, no grips, no elastic, photographic trickery or anything else, just the hair held in place with product. I’m often influenced by different mediums from art, film, nature, fashion and consequently draw inspiration from many styles of hairdressing.

At the core of it all I truly love seemingly effortless hair with concealed technique that’s wearable and beautiful. I’m sure I will always love this image as it was step in a new direction, a new way for me to approach a collection, it challenged me and I truly enjoyed the journey to creating it. I feel it’s a timeless picture so let’s hope it stands the test of time.