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SHOT! Jamie Stevens

April 30, 2020

This image holds such special memories.

It was from my personal best ever collection and was shot for the British Hairdresser of the Year category. Called ‘One’, the collection took 1 model and explored how hair can dramatically change the look and personality of the wearer.

I cut our model’s hair from long to very short with all 8 looks defining me as a hairdresser and incorporating so many techniques and textures, all the things I love to do in our incredible industry. This image is just everything to me. So strong yet so beautiful.

Shot by Richard Miles with make-up artist Lauren Mathis, we kept the make-up the same and the styling simple to let the hair be the focal point and help people see how it’s the hair that changes the look. It was really interesting watching people look at the images as many didn’t even realise it was the same model throughout!