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SHOT! Daniele de Angelis

February 02, 2021

SHOT! London Hairdresser of the Year Daniele de Angelis, TONI&GUY

Hair: Daniele De Angelis, TONI&GUY, London
Colour: Charley Henery
Photograph: Jack Eames

“It took me almost a year to create this shape. I’m really lucky as I not only manage our academy in London, but I also head the Creative Cutting and Colouring course which means I get to experiment constantly on stage and with my students during workshops.

I’m so grateful for my muse and model Peony, who always trusts me and allows me to express my creativity. It’s so important to keep moving forward evolving the shapes and vision; ultimately your taste and ability to ‘create’ will change.

Learn from mistakes, embrace them – you shouldn’t fear mistakes as they are part of the process of an incredible journey. Keep moving, keep creating!”