Sessions with a Socialite | Fergal Doyle

December 12, 2023


There’s a new social media sensation shaking things up in the hair world. Delivering his straight-talking tips, trends and techniques on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, Fergal Doyle is the likeable influencer with his finger on the digital pulse.

With a host of impressive titles under his belt – including Wella Professionals Educator of the Year and Global Digital Amplifier – Fergal’s career has seen him use his hairdressing skills, digital expertise and hairdressing network to build and manage communities of the world’s greatest hairdressing influencers. More recently, he has poured his years of working behind the chair and in the classroom into his latest venture – Fergal Doyle Hair, an award-winning bespoke salon and luxury colour suite. With energy, enthusiasm and over 43k social followers, there’s no stopping him!

If you’re desperate to dive into the digital world but don’t quite know where to start, we sat down with Fergal to find out the very first steps you need to know in order to supercharge your socials…

Sessions with a Socialite | Fergal Doyle

Social media has been the most incredible marketing tool for me – in fact, I used Instagram to launch my salon just 18 months ago. With the popularity of platforms like Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, we can not only showcase our beautiful work but also grow our clientele and our businesses – and best of all, it’s FREE!

However, it’s no secret that the sheer variety of social media platforms is overwhelming. It’s crucial to choose the platform which best aligns with your goals, your dream clientele, the time you’re willing to commit to it and how much content creation experience you have.


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Instagram is all about visuals. It’s the perfect platform for sharing a portfolio of your work, building a community and staying connected with the latest beauty trends. It offers various engagement features like Stories, Reels and Lives, allowing you to share behind-the-scenes content, quick tips and live tutorials. Instagram attracts a wide range of users, which means you can target a huge spectrum of different age groups and interests.

Top tip for success: If you have nothing else, you need Instagram. It’s user friendly (even as a total novice) and has multiple features that are super beneficial to businesses. Focus on creating a visually appealing feed that reflects your style and expertise. Build up a loyal community by interacting with your followers and responding to comments and messages promptly.

YouTube is the go-to platform for those who want to offer in-depth tutorials, establish themselves as experts in the field and connect with a dedicated audience interested in detailed hairstyling techniques. Its video-centric format enables you to demonstrate your expertise and build trust with viewers seeking educational content. It appeals to a broad range of users – not just professionals – and anyone looking for a more comprehensive insight into hairdressing.

Top tip for success: Creators that have a footprint on YouTube can often easily build an audience anywhere else online. Careful planning and research will ensure your videos get maximum views: Invest in good video and audio equipment to boost the quality of your tutorials and demonstrations.

TikTok has gained immense popularity due to its short-form, attention-grabbing videos. It’s a platform where hair professionals can create quick, engaging content. Perfect for short tutorials, showcasing transformations or participating in trending challenges, TikTok provides opportunities for you to have your content go viral and gain widespread (sometimes global) recognition. It primarily attracts a younger demographic, so this is where to find your Gen Zs and Millennials.

Top tip for success: TikTok is fun and unpredictable – it should provide entertainment. Save your beautiful transformations for Instagram, TikTok is about unpolished content that gives the viewer a quick fix of amusement or knowledge in 7-10 seconds. TikTok users have short attention spans, so hook them in with trending sounds and snappy intros!


You may choose to focus on one platform or master the art of all three, but remember: social media is all about fun and engagement. It shouldn’t be stressful. Find your groove and you’ll be creating unique content and boosting salon profits in no time.

Want to know how to maximise content for stress-free scheduling? Fergal will be sharing weekly social tips on our Instagram (@prohairmag) in an exclusive new social series: #socialmediamondays with Fergal Doyle…

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