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Securing a Healthy Work-Life Balance

January 26, 2023

 As a salon owner, it can be challenging trying to establish a work-life balance when you have so many plates spinning at once; managing a team, your own workload and personal finances are just a few of the things we have to worry about.

However, for the sake of your own mental health, maintaining a work-life balance is crucial; having time off from works allows you to stay happy, motivated and organised when you return to the salon. We spoke to Andrew Smith, owner of Andrew Smith Salons, on how to secure a positive work-life balance.

Let Others Contribute

When you leave work, you need to have someone that you can trust to keep an eye on things; this will allow you to be away from work stress free with the knowledge that your salon is in good hands. Assign a manager in the salon; this will instantly help to free up space in your mind and alleviate your workload.

Avoid Activities and People that Take Away your Energy 

This is so important. It takes a lot of time and energy to run a salon, you don’t want to waste that energy on activities or people that don’t inspire you and don’t contribute towards the successful running of your business. By spending less time on these activities and people, you can instantly free up time that can be better spent, this will help you concentrate on your longer-term goals. 

Have days off for family and friends 

By having a day or two a week off in your schedule, this will give you allocated time to spend with friends and family. This not only helps with time management, but will avoid any upset that can arise through constantly having to cancel or reschedule plans. If you feel like taking a day off is too much, even making small changes – such as leaving work early one day a week – can make a huge difference. 

Set a day to focus on your paperwork and finances 

It can be incredibly stressful knowing you have a full pile of paperwork to get through! You can make your life so much easier by scheduling out one day a week to do all your paperwork. For me, I like to do this at the very start of the week, this gets it out of the way and allows me to give my full attention to the salon floor for the rest of the week. 

Start the day with a plan/ to-do list

This is such a beneficial step to ensuring your day goes smoothly and that you are prioritising tasks efficiently. This will also allow you to leave the salon knowing you have been productive, encouraging you to fully relax and switch off at home. However, it’s also important to note that you cannot achieve everything everyday; as long as you complete the most important tasks, you’re on track. 

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