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Save Our Salons

February 01, 2021

We have a collective single mission to Save Our Salons, Our Businesses and the people who work in them.

We are the most taxed industry (by percentage) on the High Street with around 1/3rd of every pound coming through our tills ending up paid in tax.

Our first mission is to get emergency help and government approval to Chop The VAT to 5% as is currently enjoyed by the hospitality sector. For every £100 of revenue a reduction for VAT to 5% would add £12 to salon takings, a vital lifesaver for any salon.

Quite simply we believe this single act would have the most benefit for VAT paying salons. We have been collectively and individually campaigning directly to government on this point but our argument has not been fully heard, or fully understood,

What we need from all salon owners across the UK is a collective, and united effort in amplifying our voice and we have been advised that the best way to do this is to campaign directly with the MP in the your areas.

We have been advised that this next step is by far the most effective way to get our voices heard.

We need you to request a meeting with your MP’s and this step by step guide tells you exactly what you need to do.

1. Click the link to find out who the MP is in areas that YOU have salons.

Save Our Salons

2. Copy and paste the constituency address and use this to forward your request

3. Click to download our template letter fill in the name, address and gaps and email to the MP

4. Print the letter and send directly to the constituency address

5. Download our fact sheet with useful links – Click to view our detailed notes then click File, Download. We’re giving you facts and useful notes, things to discuss at your MP meeting.

6. Let the community know – Download the social assests here or Share a picture of you with your MP letter on your social channels using the #choptheva#saveoursalons hashtags so we can empower more like-minded salon owners to lobby the government to save our industry. Register your details below so we can keep in touch and feedback the success of the campaign.

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