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Salon Inspiration | MAYFIVE Salon

April 07, 2020

“I always knew I wanted to create a ‘jungle’ like experience. I’ve always loved simplistic Scandi design and have gradually built on the salon design since I opened in 2018.

I initially wanted to keep it as bright and light as possible, making clients feel like they are in very chilled and zen environment and not like a traditional salon. After opening, as the first few months quickly passed I grew to learn what the salon space needed, not only for clients but for the staff to.

Salon Inspiration | MAYFIVE Salon 2

After opening the salon, I soon realised I had a love for pink on green! When I opened the Salon, I had a vision of filling it with lots of plants, something that has gradually developed, and still is! I wanted to give the salon a homely, fun, yet professional vibe in a location that felt like a community outside of London, so Chiswick fitted perfectly!

Salon Inspiration | MAYFIVE Salon 1

Ralphie is the resident Salon Sausage, he started in Sept 2018 when he was just 8 weeks old and has been spoilt ever since! Clients request to have appointments on Ralphie days and also when he isn’t in the salon, the first question that is asked is ‘Where is Ralph’?

His day consists of, cuddles, barking, jumping on legs, having tummy tickles, being taken out for walks by multiple different people, posing for pictures in multiple different positions (the most popular is the ‘over the shoulder pose’) and playing with any other doggie guests that join us for the day. So probably the most stressful job at MAYFIVE!

Katie Allan, Founder of MAYFIVE Hair

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