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RUSH hair collaborate with Girls v Cancer

November 15, 2019

Known for their passion and commitment to the hairdressing industry, RUSH Hair are delighted to reveal their collaboration with Girls V Cancer, a charity founded to support and connect with those affected by a cancer.

Founded by Lauren Mahon, a breast cancer survivor, a little over three years ago, the organisation has provided women with a platform of support, highlighting those affected by cancer and offering support and guidance through times of hardship and emotional suffering whilst making them feel empowered and part of a family. Lauren and her team are consistently working towards changing the way people perceive cancer and opening the channels of dialogue.

As part of this on going campaign, Lauren and her team have collaborated with the creative team within RUSH Hair, with Education Director Paola Pinto leading the team on the brand photographic shoots and campaigns.

Their recent collaboration featured founder Lauren and a group of her friends shooting in a block of flats, with the brief of ‘raw’ being at the forefront of her mind. The team contacted RUSH and this is when the flourishing partnership began.

Since their first meeting, Paola and her team have headed up the hair styling for the past three shoots, and are fully on board for all future campaigns, with Girls V Cancer planning two campaigns each year.

Education Director, Paola Pinto commented, “To be a part of this incredible movement with Lauren is an honour. Both Lauren and her team are a true inspiration and are establishing a great community network for those affected by cancer. On each campaign we are so lucky to meet some amazing people and making them feel good about themselves is something I am truly honoured to be a part off.”

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