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R+Co set to launch TELEVISION Masque

November 27, 2019

Transform dry, styled and processed hair into camera-worthy perfection.

Size: 5 OZ

Price: £40.00

This hair masque dramatically improves elasticity and manageability for all hair types while conditioning, deeply replenishing and fighting frizz. Good For: Anyone who wants all the qualities of beautiful, healthy, camera-ready hair with an added boost of lasting nourishment and shine in minutes.

How To: After shampooing, apply and work through wet hair focusing on ends. Leave on for 2-5 minutes and rinse.

Fragrance: Dark Waves Benefit Ingredients:

• Snow Mushroom Extract, locks in hydration while helping to heal + protect hair.

• Coconut Oil, helps to strengthen and nourish hair. Ads luster, softness + shine.

• Murumuru Butter, rich in emollient to deeply moisturize + condition hair.

• Pequi Oil, forms a protective barrier around hair to lock in moisture.

• Abyssinnian Oil, provides instant detangling + a glossy feel while protecting hair against elements.

• Olive Oil, highly emollient to soften, condition + decrease hair snagging. High in vitamin E to fight off free-radical damage.

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