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Racoon International Launches COVID-19 & Hair Loss Seminar and Client Initiative

August 26, 2021

Racoon International, the world’s leading hair extension training provider including the specialised and unique Hair in Recovery programme, has announced the launch of its COVID-19 & Hair Loss Seminar and a new COVID Hair Loss initiative for clients.

The seminar, which will be run via Zoom with the first session taking place on 4th October, aims to educate and inform salons on the effect that COVID-19 has been having on client’s hair, the science behind it and how they can help clients to restore their hair to its pre-COVID condition.

Hosted by Trichologist, Iain Sallis M.I.T with Racoon Education Sales Manager, Lawrence Taylor, the interactive seminar is open to all Racoon International Advanced Techniques trained stylists and will require a demonstration of applications and placement. The course costs £99 + VAT (bookers will receive a free Manta brush with their next order) but stylists who are trained in Racoon International’s Hair in Recovery system can attend free of charge. Those who are not trained in Racoon International’s Advanced Techniques system can attend the COVID-19 & Hair Loss Seminar, if they become qualified prior to registration. The Advanced Techniques system is currently being offered at a discounted rate if you also sign up to the COVID-19 & Hair Loss Seminar.

Additionally, Racoon International has also launched a new initiative for clients experiencing hair loss as a result of COVID-19. For a nine-month period customers who have confirmation that their hair loss is as a result of COVID-19 will receive a 20% discount on the Luxe Bond range (up to 16 inches).

Racoon International Creative Director Andrew Barton commented:
“Over the past couple of months, we’ve witnessed more and more clients visit the salon with concerns around hair loss – not something that they’d ever had to worry about prior to COVID-19. Some salons are used to dealing with hair loss on a much lower level but now the demand for hair loss treatments is increasing, so too is the need for stylists to be able to offer these treatments and understand the science behind the cause of the hair loss.

“Due to the cycle of hair growth, it takes around three months for clients to notice any changes in their hair, so even though we’re out of lockdown and life is returning to normal, we’re only now just really seeing the effects that COVID-19 has had on our hair.

“Whilst for many clients’ extensions can be seen as a luxury (rather than a resolution to a medical problem) and something that they can’t afford, that’s why Racoon International has launched its new client initiative offering clients 20% off their COVID-19 hair loss treatments for nine months – a great way to help restore client’s confidence and get them looking and feeling great again.”

For further information or bookings for the Racoon International COVID-19 & Hair Loss Seminar please visit: