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Pushing the boundaries with client-friendly styling

October 02, 2019

Philipp Haug, international artistic director for TONI&GUY, offers his tips for creating strong, contemporary looks for your female clients while never compromising on the wearability.

Women of all ages are getting increasingly adventurous when it comes to their hair. More than ever, they seem willing to experiment with strong cuts and bold colour. But many still want to maintain their femininity, while taking the plunge with a statement look.

1 Make it bespoke

As with any look, creating a strong cut that works is about client suitability. One client’s idea of a dramatic change can be very different to another’s. Before creating a bold new look for a client, a thorough consultation is more important than ever.

Even if you think you know the client, ask them about their lifestyle, the time they have to spend on styling at home, and why they are looking for a strong new image. If their decision is a knee-jerk reaction to an emotional change in their life, it may not be the time to push those creative boundaries too far. However, if you are convinced they could carry off a killer contemporary style, don’t be afraid to give them a push towards something more daring. Show them images of beautiful bold cuts, and talk to them about the ways you can ensure they get noticed, but still look feminine.

2 Soften those edges

Once you are confident your client really does want to break boundaries with their new look, think about how you can create elements of softness even with the strongest cut. Disconnected sections of hair can be a great way to soften a jawline or accentuate a client’s cheekbones.

 3 Think fringe benefits

Fringes are perfect for adding a feminine touch to a strong cut. Try combining an extreme graduation with a long sweeping fringe for a feminine look with real edge. Mixing several textures and lengths in one look can create impact, while still embracing a client’s feminine side.

4 Get creative with colour

Colour plays an important role in adding femininity to a style. If the cut is extreme, then using careful colour placement rather than applying a global shade can help add a feminine element. Use colour to soften lines between graduated lengths or to beautify a fringe. Colour can make a statement but use various hues to create something multi-tonal, so that it combines vibrancy with delicacy.

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