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Providing You With The Tools You Need To Talk About Mental Health

March 28, 2023

Mental health education for hairdressers, providing them with the tools to talk.

Will Brown, of Will Brown Hair in Henlow, is an award-winning salon owner who has achieved success whilst living with some debilitating mental health issues. He wants to promote his message that you can still be a successful business-person, entrepreneur and colleague whilst having daily battles with your mind. Oly Newton is an experienced motivational speaker and Mental Health First Aid trainer through the MHFA. Having experienced severe mental health issues for the duration of his life, Oly now motivates and inspires audiences as he shares his experiences from the dark into the light.

Together, they want to deliver this important message to ALL hair professionals so you can learn how to identify, understand, empower and support your clients and colleagues.

Founder of Open Chair, Will is passionate about ensuring the hair and barbering industries are equipped in delivering vital communication skills when it comes to mental health. “These industries are the pillars of our communities, with clients often using our services to open up to us,” he says.

After a long journey overcoming dark battles with OCD, anxiety and ADHD, Will released a video sharing his experiences in the hope that people will be inspired to talk about their mental health. A frank, honest conversation from two men in their thirties has created a social stir. “The response to this video on social media has highlighted the necessity for this vital training within our industry,” adds Will.

“We must open up! Mental health issues affect one in four people. Statistically, a hairdresser is going to deal with a client going through mental health issues at the same point. Now is the time to educate yourself and your team to identify and communicate. Do not delay, wasting time is wasting lives!”

The mission of Open Chair is to provide all hair professionals with the tools to communicate openly and effectively about mental health. Hairdressers and barbers have some of the deepest connections within a community. Open Chair believes that now is the time for these professionals to learn the essential skills needed to offer their clients effective advice and reassurance. As Will explains, “Open Chair is here to change the industry; whether you’re a salon owner looking to invest in your team’s mental well-being, an individual member of a team looking to learn a vital new skill or a freelance stylist or barber aiming to provide that extra level of support for their clients.”

Open Chair, works alongside Lights On Mental Health and provides a safe and inspiring learning environment through a variety of course formats.

For more information go to: www.open-chair.co.uk

YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/_jbNlutqiaE

Providing You With The Tools You Need To Talk About Mental Health 1