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Protecting your energy | Sam Burnett

March 31, 2022

Continuing his series, Sam Burnett of Hare & Bone discusses the importance of protecting your energy.

Since adopting a more mindful approach to life, both personally and professionally, I’ve learnt about the importance of protecting your energy. I’ve mentioned in the previous articles that I’ve learnt to say no to work, events and opportunities that no longer serve me. I appreciate that is a brave statement to make, especially in an industry where the expectation is to grab every opportunity that comes your way. But with experience, and possibly age, I have taught myself that sometimes it’s ok to say no. In fact, sometimes it is beneficial to say no. It can be a difficult place to get to but for me I would rather give my all to a few projects than say yes to all projects. 

As I type this, I’m on my way to Paris Fashion Week. I know that in order to give 100% at each of the shows I’m working on I need to protect my energy. This means that in the days leading up to leaving I have had to build in some form of quiet time to an extra busy schedule to make sure that mentally I am strong for the job. Taking a week out when directing a brand, running a salon and my own column as well as operating two mentoring programs is full on. When the opportunity to work at PFW came up I had to consider if it would put me out of sync, disrupt the balance I have been working hard to achieve. Of course, it will, but it is a disruption I am happy to work with. It does mean that I have also scheduled down time into my diary for when I return in order to allow me to restore my energy. I appreciate doing so is hard if you are an employee but if it can’t be built into working hours then I suggest you try and have early, quiet evenings with limited form of stimulation. I will rest, walk in nature, listen to inspirational podcasts, eat well, drink water and play with my dog. Even taking a few hours to yourself to mindfully be present and prescribe some self care will make such a different to your energy levels. And in turn, the level of support you can then give those around you.

The same is true when it comes to shooting collections. When looking at photographers, MUA, and clothes stylists it is important that they not only understand and excel in the brief but that you connect on the same energy level. It is your shoot, your concept and so you must lead it and set the vibes.

We all know the expense and emotion that goes into creating images, so try and make sure you don’t lose focus or run out of energy before shoot day. Mindfully approaching the shoot can help you stay focussed and sharing your affirmation for the shoot with the team will insure you all work as a team. The affirmation brings people together, helps set and manage expectations and demonstrates commitment. For example, I might say ‘I am bringing my best to the shoot’ or ‘I will fully express my vision in this shoot.’ Setting the intention from the beginning will keep you on track and strengthen the end result.

After the shoot, once the initial buzz has calmed, don’t underestimate how much of your heart, soul and energy has been poured in to it. Be kind to yourself and allow balance to restore before rushing into post production decisions. 

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