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Project X spend a day with Robert Masciave

May 30, 2019

Multi-award winning avant-garde hairdresser, Robert Masciave, is the latest mentor to give his time to the Fellowship’s Project X Team, spending a day with the team at his salon in West London.

For his day with the Project X Team, Robert started by showcasing work from his career, explaining how he builds up collections from a starting point into a fully formed series of images. Showcasing both his editorial and avant-garde imagery, Robert shared both insight and techniques, for a fully immersive view of his creative world.

After a morning of insight, it was time for the team to get hands on and learn more about creating avant-garde hair pieces with Robert’s guidance.

“I’m going to look at avant-garde hair in a new light after today,” says Zara Clelland from Marc Antoni. “It’s a work of art. Seeing how Robert looks at things and how he is then able to break them down and turn them into creative looks is truly amazing. I’m walking away with loads for tips and tricks for creating avant-garde looks, which I know will come in useful for upcoming stage work.”

Clare Hatherill from The Chapel agrees, adding: “I’m going to make time after today to experiment and create looks using different materials. Robert taught me that there is no right or wrong when it comes to being creative; you can learn and get inspiration from just about everything.”