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Professional Hairdresser September’21 Issue Out Now In Print & Online

September 01, 2021

Welcome to a special issue of Professional Hairdresser – one in which we are proud to bring you the fruits of a labour of love that has been long in the planning and thanks to co projecting with LWPR (shout out to @laura_lwpr and @lwprteam), we finally managed to get five of the UK’s top hairdressers together round a table in their hometown of Barnsley for a good old chinwag! It was a very special day and when you read the interview on page 12, I think you’ll agree there is something rather unique about this unexpected hairdressing crew.

During our conversation, the guys spoke a lot about recruitment and apprenticeships and this happens to coincide with a series of business articles also in this issue that look at various aspects of recruiting in hairdressing…

In the first article on page 32, Caroline Sanderson suggests you need to look for people who share your values and will support you in achieving your goals. In the second article on page 33, Phil Smith thinks going back to basics and targeting school leavers will lead to loyalty and longevity and finally on page 34, Sean Dawson insists that it’s important to get the right balance of hairdressing types. Are we heading for a recruitment crisis? The sands are definitely shifting in these strange times…


Professional Hairdresser September Issue Out Now In Print & Online