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Professional Hairdresser magazine now available online

June 19, 2019

We are delighted to share that Professional Hairdresser Magazine is now available online, starting with the June 2019 issue.

Every month, each issue will be uploaded so you can browse all the features, new products and industry news in an easy-to-navigate format. Professional Hairdresser magazine is an essential source of information for all those seriously involved in the art of hairdressing.

In a style that directly connects with the design-led nature and creativity of the industry, it delivers comprehensive coverage of all the very latest ideas and inspirations.

To check out the June issue online now, simply visit the ‘magazines’ section of our website. 

We want to hear from YOU about what you want to see in the magazine, so do get in touch by emailing nshannon@hamerville.co.uk

To pick up a free print copy of the latest issue, subscribe here.