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Product Of The Week | Kent Salon Ceramics range

April 24, 2023

When time is of the essence – as it is in so many busy salons – a good blow-dry brush is essential. You need something that helps you dry the hair quickly, with no compromise on the finished results.

We find that a brush with a combination of metal and ceramic surfaces is perfect for this. Well look no further than the Kent Salon Ceramics range. Each Kent Salon ceramic brush has metal heads that are coated with a durable ceramic coating. That means they heat up quickly and distribute heat more evenly for a faster blow dry and more accurate styling. Look out for nylon bristles too – the nylon tufts on this brush range grip the hair as you work, but allow hair to be released quickly without snagging. This kind of brush can be used for curling or straightening, making it a useful multi-tasker.

The handle of each brush features a tapered, polished steel tip for picking and sectioning the hair with precision – and it also serves to perfectly balance the brush. As well as making the brush more comfortable in the hand, this also means that strain and stress on the hand are reduced, so you can work more comfortably for longer.

Each Kent Salon brush also boasts comfortable chrome fins for the perfect balance of grip and glide and an ergonomic handle which is textured for grip and to fit all sized hands perfectly. Crucially, the brushes also feature seamless joints, so there’s no chance of hair catching and pulling as you blow-dry.

The Kent Salon professional Ceramic radial hairbrushes are available in 5 sizes, with the most popular being the KS11 that features a 44mm head.

Discover the Kent Salon Ceramic range here: https://www.kentsalon.co.uk/collections/ceramic-radials