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Product of the Week | Kent Brushes

September 25, 2023

Designed exclusively for professional hairdressers, this state-of-the-art brush is set to transform the hairstyling experience.

Kent Salon has long been known for its commitment to excellence and craftsmanship in haircare tools, and the KS02 Curved Vent Brush is no exception. This revolutionary tool marries form and function to provide salon professionals with the ultimate styling accessory.

Key Features of the KS02 Curved Vent Brush:

1. Innovative Curved Design: The first of its kind, the unique curved shape of the KS02 showcases a sculpted head featuring 50 moulded flexible tufts in a curved and vented chassis. The arch of the brush follows the natural shape of the head for an almost sensual brushing experience.

2. Ventilated Bristles: The vented design of the bristles allows for improved airflow, reducing drying time and minimizing heat damage.

3. Anti-Static Properties: The brush’s bristles are infused with anti-static properties, effectively taming frizz and ensuring a smooth, polished finish with every stroke. The addition of 10 rows of natural boar bristles also clean and add shine to the hair.

3. Seamless Detangling: The KS02 Curved Vent Brush effortlessly glides through hair, making detangling a breeze, even in the most challenging conditions. It fits comfortably in the hand, ensuring a firm grip and optimal manoeuvrability.

4. Ergonomic Construction: Crafted with the finest materials, this brush is built to withstand the demands of a busy salon environment. Every brush features an ergonomic handle with rubber grip and chrome fins, offering you total control whilst working on any hair type. The brush then tapers to a metal point which has been crafted from steel to balance the brush weight perfectly in your hand. This is not only for picking and sectioning the hair, but also works as a balance weight to help prevent repetitive strain.

At Kent Salon, we understand the importance of precision and performance in hairstyling, and the KS02 exemplifies our commitment to excellence. The KS02 Curved Vent Brush is now available for purchase through authorized Kent Salon distributors and online retailers and via the website.