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Product of the Week | My Hair. My Canvas.

October 09, 2023

The My Hair. My Canvas. Textures & Curls collection features a new luxe blue version of our environmentally friendly 50% post-consumer recycled packaging and includes:

Product of the Week | My Hair. My Canvas. 6

Begin Again Curl Cleanser

A vegan and silicone-free cleanser that gently cleanses, improves curl texture and formation, maintains curl pattern, and reduces frizz.

Product of the Week | My Hair. My Canvas. 7

Begin Again Curl Conditioner

A vegan and silicone-free conditioner that hydrates, and detangles and defrizzes all textures while enhancing definition and form in curls.

Product of the Week | My Hair. My Canvas. 8

More Butter Masque

A vegan and silicone-free masque that nourishes all textures, reduces frizz, and enhances waves, curls, and coils with long-lasting bounce and shine.

Product of the Week | My Hair. My Canvas. 9

My Way Curl Defining Gel

A vegan and silicone-free curl defining gel that is non-greasy and non-flaking, providing a soft but flexible hold and humidity resistance for up to 72 hours.

Product of the Week | My Hair. My Canvas. 10

Loosen Up Curl Elongator

A vegan and silicone-free curl elongator that will lengthen curls with initial use and help maintain curl and coil pattern.

Clean beauty

Alterna’s ongoing commitment to offer clean, sustainable products and reduce its environmental impact is reflected in its My Hair. My Canvas. collection of products, which are housed in eco-conscious 50% PCR packaging. A leading contributor to the cutting edge of clean beauty with its minimalist development philosophy to produce products that perform using high-quality essential ingredients and never unnecessary additives, Alterna is dedicated to exploring avenues that align clean beauty with clean living to further solidify the brand’s meaningful impact in haircare and beyond.

“With each new generation of products, we strive to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation through our passion for transformative haircare,” says Dorothee “Our shared responsibility to minimize our global ecological footprint while delivering on our high standards for groundbreaking haircare products remains at the forefront of every Alterna collection.”

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