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PRODUCT OF THE WEEK | Malibu C Mini Rehab Kits

April 25, 2022

Malibu C believes that good quality between service products are the forming foundation of any successful colour service.

Understanding the importance of clients taking control of their own hair care while identifying and taking actions against common hair problems weighing them down. Malibu C’s Mini Rehab kits are must-have when the focus is on rehabilitating, maintaining, and strengthening hair. 

Starting off the right way is imperative. Malibu C designed with Mini Rehab kits with this message in mind, by creating a duo kit that gives your client the best opportunity of success when facing hair issues brought by seasonal changes. Suffering with a dry, itchy scalp? Commonly, this is due to the constant of being outside in the cold and then inside in the warm, causing the scalp to become dehydrated and hair dull. The Mini Malibu Rehab kit is for your client to feel confident – before ever needing to step foot in the salon. This mini rehab kits depicts the perfect union between health and beauty with the advanced deep-conditioning complex. This has been specially formulated to repair hair from within whilst simultaneously using a cooling menthol formula to sooth a dry, itchy scalp.

Shop the range: https://passion4hair.com/collections/mini-malibu-rehab  

  Are you interested in finding out more about Malibu C and how they support your salon? The P4h Academy offers monthly sessions on all things Malibu C. To attend, visit https://www.p4hpro.com/education-events or contact our Education Co-ordinator (milka@passion4hair.com). 

Malibu C is exclusively distributed by Passion4hair Ltd in the UK. 

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