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Product Of The Week | KERASILK

March 13, 2023

Pioneering the application of silk in hair care and repair for over forty years, KERASILK has remained a master of innovation and a stylist’s best kept secret since its 1984 debut.

With every unique treatment and every unique journey of transformation, KERASILK beautifully rejuvenates hair, taking it from dull, lifeless and damaged to healthy-looking, strong and irresistibly silky-soft. With KERASILK, unlock the perfect potential of your best hair yet.

KERASILK believes that hair is a precious and important part of identity. It speaks for us all, saying something without words to us and to others, about who we are and what our story might be. And that means that embarking on the quest for the best hair is never just about aesthetics. It’s about a feeling. Unlocking undeniable confidence that shines through and speaks louder when you’re at your very best. That perfect hair affects how we face the future, it looks at the bigger picture, it takes on the world with us. When we discover that powerful sense of next-level confidence, of everyday inner optimism, it touches everyone around us too. Uplifting, dynamic and undeniable.

We are each infinitely stronger when we embrace and nurture our own type of beauty, and by embracing our contrasts we all discover a deeper power.

KERASILK helps people achieve a stronger and more beautiful version of themselves and their hair. Belief in yourself, belief in what could be, belief in your hair and all of its potential. When you dare to wonder what your hair can become, believe that it can be as strong and as beautiful as silk.

That unique yet beautiful contradiction of strength and beauty can be found in unexpected places, and the same philosophy goes for hair technology. Silk, for example, is both naturally beautiful and surprisingly strong. As one of the original pioneers in the use of silk in hair care, KERASILK has always taken the best of nature whenever possible and simply amplified its potential. KERASILK’s innovative approach to formulation combines high-potency ingredients with the targeted efficacy of next-generation biotechnology to create formulas with proven performance.


Product Of The Week | KERASILK