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PRODUCT OF THE WEEK | Fabriq Quick Fix

November 07, 2022

Stronger, smoother healthier hair in under 30 minutes with Quick Fix.

With amazing results for all hair types and an incredible return on investment for salons and stylists, the Fabriq Quick Fix in-salon protein treatment gives clients healthy, shiny and easy to manage hair, quickly.

Taking under half an hour to apply, with Quick Fix salons typically see a return of 850-1250%. And with results lasting for up to a month, clients enjoy their best hair ever for longer. Even better, Quick Fix can be used as a stand alone treatment, blowdry add on, or as a top up between Reset treatments too.

Depending on hair type, choose to ReHydrate or ReBuild. ReHydrate adds moisture without weight, for coarse, dry or damaged hair, hydrating to just the right level to maximise the proteins, for a silky soft finish. ReBuild creates semi-permanent strength by coating the outside with proteins whilst slightly penetrating it too, for luxurious results on fine, thin or limp hair.

And for even greater repair there’s Quick Fix +, an intense boost of hair repair that takes just 45 minutes.

Quick Fix Rebuild / Rehydrate 275ml – £40.00

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