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July 24, 2023

Schwarzkopf Professional Launches NEW Bonacure
R-TWO; instant transformative repair for extremely damaged hair with Double Bonding Technology

Schwarzkopf Professional is changing the world of hair repair with Bonacure R-TWO – this breakthrough range provides hairdressers and their clients with a fast, simple and reliable solution to deeply repair extremely damaged & over-processed hair.

Chemically and physically over-processed hair can show signs of extreme damage within its inner and outer structure. This leaves the hair rough, dull, unmanageable, weak, prone to breakage and lacking elasticity.

Bonacure R-TWO by Schwarzkopf Professional, powered by the new transformative Double Bonding Technology, is a range of vegan and free-from hair products that repair the hair instantly in just two quick steps, giving hairdressers the confidence in salon services and haircare routines.

Restore, Reset, Rescue and Renew with R-TWO. By Schwarzkopf Professional.

Bonacure R-TWO – Two Steps to Rapid Reset:

Bonacure R-TWO is on a mission to make haircare so fast and easy that hairdressers and salon clients will always have the confidence to colour and style hair. They can combine the products in two easy steps, based on the individual hair needs.

Formulated for over-processed and extremely damaged hair, the innovation by Schwarzkopf Professional instantly repairs hair damage equivalent to*:

  • 1x Lightening
  • 2x Balayage Services
  • 20,000x Combing Strokes**
*All results were tested separately; Comparison vs. untreated hair

**Two-product combination, including R-TWO Sealer

Meaning in terms of results (comparison vs .untreated hair):

  • 93% less hair breakage***
  • 90% less split ends***
  • 10x more resistance to repeated hair damage
  • 14 days**** of proven, transformative results
***Two-product combination, including the R-TWO Sealer
**Up to 14 days, using the full product range. Results may vary depending on hair type, quality and history


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Bonacure R-TWO – Double Bonding Technology and the Science:

Why Do Hair Bonds Matter?

Hair bonds are vital! Any modification of their status at molecular level influences overall hair characteristics such as strength, elasticity, shine, movement, shape and the hair’s ability to withstand damage. However, when hair is damaged these bonds break and the hair becomes weak and brittle. This can lead to further damage such as split ends and ultimately, hair breakage.

To preserve, repair and protect hair bonds the scientifically proven Double Bonding Technology is the secret behind Bonacure R-TWO’s ground-breaking, instant and long-lasting results.

What is Double Bonding Technology?

Double Bonding Technology actively repairs broken bonds, leveraging the creation of new bonds within the hair fibre. It instantly and simultaneously reinforces the inner matrix of the hair fibre and strengthens its alpha-helical structure, enhancing the recovery potential of the fibre upon deformation.

The Results of Building New Hair Bonds?

Every single fibre is stronger and more resistant to future repetitive damage – with a superior, lasting strength and an increased lifespan.

Product Of The Week: BCR2 3

Complementing chemical services:


Restoring Essence + Rescuing Treatment
– To intensively strengthen the hair


Restoring Essence + Renewal Sealer

– Quick S.O.S. solution during multiple lightening processes

– To seal the cuticle by creating a protective shield

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Bond-Building Care:

  • RESET + RESCUE Resetting Shampoo + Rescuing Treatment

– To intensely restructure and fortify extremely damaged hair, preventing future damage

– Prepare hair for future chemical services


Resetting Shampoo + Renewal Sealer

– To seal the hair’s cuticle to enable future chemical services

– To reinforce the hair’s resistance to daily stress factors and repeated damage

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Gary Taylor, Schwarzkopf Professional ambassador and salon owner says;

“BC R-Two is a game changer when it comes to hair repair for very damaged hair – it is unlike anything else I have used throughout my entire career. R-Two provides instant hair repair for severely damaged hair, the benefits are truly amazing. I have been using this range on all my clients that need it, which covers all hair types including over processed, damaged, fragile, fine, thick and coarse hair, and in every case the feedback has been 100% positive. At Edward & Co. we will be offering two R-Two services. The first will be in-salon only and the second will be a complete package that includes homecare too. Being able to provide these additional services is great for clients and for the salon business too. With incredible results, amazing consistency and a really beautiful fragrance Bonacure R-Two really is a fantastic range.”

Bonacure R-TWO – Online, Digital & Education:

Explore Bonacure R-TWO in further detail over on the Schwarzkopf Professional website and harness the power of Double Bonding Technology: schwarzkopfpro.com/rtwo 

Schwarzkopf Professional is a hairdressers Partner in Craft; understanding that every hairdresser is on their own unique path, they are committed to growth, empowering through world-class education designed to help every individual take charge of their own success and become the hairdresser they want to be. Discover Schwarzkopf Professional’s range of educational blogs and their blended education programme – a rich learning experience that combines both physical and digital training to enable everyone to learn in a way that suits them best: schwarzkopfpro.com/education

To keep up with Bonacure R-TWO and the very latest in hair trends, follow @SchwarzkopfProUK on social media.

Bonacure R-TWO – Products at a Glance:

  • Bonacure R-TWO Restoring Essence – an instant, bonding hair essence that can be used before, during and after a chemical service. To be used as a two-part system with the R-TWO Rescuing Treatment or Renewal Sealer for enhanced care and repair. Free from silicones and artificial colourants. Free from animal derived ingredients.

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  • Bonacure R-TWO Resetting Shampoo – a gentle, strengthening sulphate-free shampoo. Balances the pH level of hair after chemical services. Free from Sodium Lauryl Sulphate & Sodium Laureth Sulphate, silicones and artificial colourants. Free from animal-derived ingredients.

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  • Bonacure R-TWO Rescuing Treatment – an intensive, fortifying hair treatment. Free from silicones and artificial colourants. Free from animal derived ingredients.

Product Of The Week: BCR2 9

  • Bonacure R-TWO Renewal Sealer – an instantly-strengthening, leave-in hair mask, that provides frizz control and heat protection up to 230°/446F° Free from silicones and artificial colourants. Free from animal-derived ingredients.

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The Bonacure R-TWO assortment will be available from June 2023.

For more information about Schwarzkopf Professional, please contact Chelsea at LWPR on chelsea@lwpr.biz