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Post Lockdown Hair Survey by Fudge Professional

May 24, 2021

63% state their hair salon appointment is their most important beauty treatment

A quarter admitted they missed their hairdressers more than the pub

3 out 10 women felt less confident with their hair root regrowth

A quarter of women are more likely to have a total hair transformation after lockdown (vs before)

A fifth indicated that they are more likely to go blonde after lockdown

We live in a world of side hustles that celebrates versatility, entrepreneurism, and experimentation but when it comes to hairstyles, most of us stick to what we know. However, the team at Fudge Professional celebrate the people who refuse to be labelled or ‘boxed in’ to one job, one lifestyle, one set of friends, or one hairstyle. They’re for people who want to turn heads, make a statement, and defy expectations.

Fudge Professional has been delving into the minds of 2000 women across the nation to get the feels on their hair woes during lockdown – with salons now open across the UK, are women as emotionally tied to their locks as we may have thought?

Collaborating with One Poll, Fudge Professional asked over 2000 female consumers in April 2021 over the age of 21 years, who regularly visit a salon to have their hair professionally coloured (at least every 6 months), to give an insight into how they have managed during this period of enforced closure and what hair styles they’ll want from their hairdresser when they get the opportunity to sit in the stylist’s chair once again.

A great result for hairdressers, interestingly the vast majority 63% said that their hair salon appointment is more important than their other beauty treatment investments.

But, when asked what they missed more than their hairdresser, as a nation of pub-lovers, it shows the importance of how great hair makes us feel, in that a whopping quarter said they missed their hairdresser more than the pub! Whilst 22% stated they missed them more than going to the gym, and we loved that 5% even admitted that they missed their regular hair appointment more than their own partner – now that’s saying something!

Rather sadly, 3 out of 10 women stated that the regrowth of their roots and the appearance of grey hair had made them feel less confident. However, interestingly almost half stated that the regrowth and any grey coming through, had no effect on their confidence and 11% even stated that this regrowth of root/appearance of grey, made them feel more confident. A minority of course, but how liberating!

The survey also unveiled the interesting and accepted human psychology, that women in particular, tend to change their appearance following a trauma, break up, and now perhaps even following this global pandemic. It’s generally accepted that when a woman decides to chop off her tresses, it is mostly to adopt a new, fresher identity. Even Coco Chanel is quoted as remarking that “a woman who cuts her hair is planning changes in her life.”

Following lockdown and compared to pre-pandemic, over a quarter of the respondents admitted that they are more likely to have a hair/colour transformation. With a similar amount stating that the reason why, would be them looking to recapture their confidence. We especially loved that 19% attributed the change, to specifically, a celebration of the end of lockdown.

Continuing with the transformation questions, almost a fifth indicated that they are more likely to go blonde with 15% wanting to create a more youthful appearance, and finally 7% are ready to leave lockdown firmly behind and embrace changes to their hair to wow friends/family/partner and even social media followers.

With the Fudge Professional Lockdown Hair Survey, showing that women are ready to embrace their hairdressers with open arms and go for those hair transformations wholeheartedly, at Fudge we’re ready to see a nation of freethinkers with unnaturally good-looking hair!