Planning for a successful 2022

February 03, 2022

Since the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the globe, people have been dealing with financial worries, anxiety about their family and work and business insecurity.

However, the latest NHBF state of the industry survey shows that although hair salons are still operating in a challenging environment, but demonstrating their resilience with growing evidence that it’s getting back on its feet.

Richard Lambert, NHBF chief executive, says, “Ours is a resilient industry. Prior to the pandemic, hair salons were propping up the high street. Our latest survey shows real recovery and an overall optimistic outlook, with 40% of salons saying they expect to grow.”

To ensure hair salons grow and prosper in the new year, here is NHBF’s guide to plan for a successful 2022: 

  • Get your prices right: Choosing the right price is a crucial decision. Consider what your competition charges. Make sure the cost covers your expenses and that you are not losing money. Salon owners should also plan for the 1.25% increase in National Insurance Contributions.
  •  Reduce no-shows and late cancellations: There are a few tricks to minimise no shows, such as sending text message reminders to clients. NHBF Members can download a free in-depth guide to reducing cancellations. /cancellations/
  •  Win-win: save money, gain clients and help to save the environment: 2022 will be prominent on the environment with climate change at the top of the agenda. Making your business more sustainable protects the environment, saves you money, and attracts clients who are actively looking for sustainable beauty services.
  •  Train employees: By investing in your salon staff you are investing in the continued success of your beauty business. Your employees are your greatest asset and a commitment to their ongoing training and development will encourage staff loyalty, help retain key talent, and boost staff engagement in your business.
  • Speak to your bank and accountant: Talk with them about the best financial solutions for your business. They may have some new ideas and suggestions that you hadn’t thought of.
  •  Make the most of no-cost and low-cost marketing: Marketing is not expensive – many of the tools are free or low-cost. Social media is an excellent tool for keeping clients updated and attracting new ones. Get detail at  Keep up with the latest government guidance: Make sure you’re regularly monitoring your local and national situations via the local council and government website and adjusting and updating your self-assessment accordingly. Make sure you’re ready to take the steps necessary to ensure that your customers are safe and protected. NHBF Members can download an assessment tool kit at


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