Phil Jackson | Are you… Ready to Refocus Christmas in salon this year?

December 01, 2020

International Business Coach Phil Jackson suggests serving up a different festive flavour to your clients.

What a year of change!  And that means some of the tried and tested methods to keep our salons busy and profitable simply won’t work this year.

But don’t despair!  There is opportunity too – we just need to make sure our salons have a different flavour.

Many customers have managed for months this year without a visit to the salon, so convincing our customers that a Christmas ‘do is essential won’t get us very far.  And without office parties, drinks with the girls or entertaining in groups, it’s time we looked beyond ‘looking great’ for our salon marketing.

2020 needs to be the year we focus on helping our customers feel great instead.  Let’s focus on the change we can make to a customer’s mood, helping them feel better about themselves rather than getting a cut and colour to impress their friends.

This shift from the superficial to the intangible is here to stay – the quicker we can get our heads round it, the better.

The festive season as a time of comfort and joy would be my theme for your marketing.  Try hard to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere for your customers.

We may not be able to serve a range of seasonal treats, so think laterally and tap into other senses.  Think beyond the cheesy Christmas tunes (though who doesn’t love a bit of Mariah?)  Experiment with lighting in your reception area to create a welcoming and cosy feeling and bring the familiar smells of Christmas into the salon with wax melts or scented candles.

We all need something to help us feel better this year and salons are in a great position to capitalise on that.  Compared to the holiday we didn’t get to take over the summer or the winter ski trip that isn’t an option, a trip to the salon is a steal too.

Though our services always need to make financial sense, there shouldn’t be any need to discount this year.  Focus on feelings of space to relax, time to unwind and the treat you deserve for a tempting marketing message.

Let’s not forget those customers who still aren’t able or don’t feel comfortable to come into the salon.  I’m hearing of a lot of owners who kept in touch over lockdown but haven’t kept up with the emails, which is a shame.

Why not embrace the world of online events with a virtual client evening?   You could even send out a goody bag or some delicious treats for your attendees to enjoy.

Making your salon a part of their community rather than somewhere that’s only there for the good times, by helping all of your clients connected, we help ensure their future loyalty too.

Make retail easy for partners and parents with a wish-list option for your clients to add what they’d love to receive.  That’s also a great way to make sure you’re not over-ordering those tempting Christmas packs.

Finally, take care of your team this year.  They may not have been through the same mill you have over the future of your business, but they have had the same worries and fears for their health, friends and family.  Keep your targets in mind but also use this time to come together, celebrate every busy day and have a wonderful festive season.


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