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Petitions call to rescue UK Hair & Beauty salons

March 26, 2020

With the recent outbreak of Coronavirus, many of the trades are being affected.

It is clear from media coverage and Government response that we are facing the biggest challenge we have faced since WW2.

Hair & beauty commercial salon owners are not only facing the already challenging impact of the failing high streets but we now face what could potentially be a financial catastrophic phase resulting in what could be over 40,000 retailers facing extreme hardship and potential closure.

A petition has been launched which calls for a rescue plan package of £2bn to allow banks to release funding immediately.

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Are you self employed?

In light of the government’s announcement on March 20th about covering 80% of wages for employees (up to £2,500/month), we are aware the concern this may cause for those that are self-employed.

A petition has been launched which calls for full earnings for the self-employed through evidence provided via HMRC for the duration of the Coronavirus crisis.

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