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Passion4Hair’s Debbie Digby looks at colour communication

January 27, 2021

Times, they are changing. There is no denying that Covid-19 has caused challenges to our industry, but there are some positives emerging from the change we are compelled to face.

I identified a couple of years ago the need to change the consultation process with clients, particularly those wanting complex technical services.

The traditional process of consultation with a client for 5-10 minutes before the service begins leaves the stylist in a vulnerable position which may result in the client ending up not entirely satisfied with the result because her expectations were not met, despite the stylist doing the best they can on the day.

For example, a client books in for balayage, and when she arrives it is clear she has coloured her hair previously. The client has a picture of the desired outcome, it needs lightening several levels.

Some of the hair that needs lightening is natural, and some is coloured. For a busy stylist the clock is already ticking before the next client arrives. The scenarios that can emerge from this situation are varied and many, for my stylists it was becoming stressful and I knew something had to change.

Digital Consultations

It is important to communicate with a client 48 hours before a colour appointment for skin testing, so why not start the consultation about the service at this time? We called this new process of consulting – Digital Consultation and the goal – to know exactly how the service will be performed and the likelihood of the end result being achieved.

It has led to the increase of strand testing and reporting to clients in advance the result they can expect. The process we use has developed over the last couple of years but the event of Covid-19 has propelled it forward to a new level.

Part of the post lockdown measures require us to send consultations and information to a client before the appointment and this gave us the opportunity to formalise the digital consultation process.

We are able to identify easily which services are not going to be straight forward and we make a digital appointment to call or facetime for a consultation.

Pre lockdown we found clients sometimes reluctant to engage in this way, but communication in this manner is part of the “new normal” of our world, the attitude of the clients and the stylists has changed.

Stylists are keen to consult with a client as early as possible and their preferred method is video. Clients are reassured by the consultation and many services are replanned (and upgraded) as a result of the thorough analysis of the desired outcome which often includes strand testing.

Problem Solving

There are many problems we face when carrying out services that are caused by modern day living. For example, you have probably encountered what Malibu C stylists know as ‘hidden highlights’. You give your client the most beautiful set of highlights, carefully weaved in your signature placement, lifted to the desired level and toned to perfection.

She returns six weeks later telling you her highlights have ‘faded’. You look at her hair bewildered, yes, the highlights certainly look dull, or may even have disappeared altogether. But how you wonder? Bleach doesn’t fade!

What’s Hiding In the Water?

What is in your shower water is often one of the culprits of many common issues for the hair and scalp.

Water is packed with minerals and chemicals that wreak havoc on client’s hair and cause issues for salon services; colour fade, poor coverage, brassy blondes, ashy hues, flat or lacklustre lengths and results that just don’t last.

Have you noticed what happens to your glass shower door overtime? Yes, it becomes misty with deposits of minerals as the water runs down the glass, imagine how the minerals deposit inside and outside the hair! Those mineral deposits interfere with products and processes making hair services unpredictable and volatile.

Guaranteed Services

If you too are using this current situation as a catalyst to move forward to a new frontier in hairdressing, Malibu C is essential for your toolbox.

Malibu C Hair Wellness Remedies are designed to act as a ‘spring clean’ ahead of your services, they work safely and naturally removing unwanted minerals, oxidisers and build up. Results will be even, long lasting and precisely what you expected. All this with no damage whatsoever to the hair.

It’s no wonder iconic Sassoon colourist, Annie Humphreys chose Malibu C Crystal Gel when asked in an interview, what was the one product she would take on a desert island.

Revenue Opportunity

Looking for ways to upgrade your services? Malibu C provides the perfect opportunity to add new services like Malibu Makeover or naturally derived Colour Pigment Remover and upgrade your client bill with hair solutions she will love and that help deliver the results she desires.

Want To Know More?

On the first Sunday and Monday of every month Malibu C have classes to help stylists understand the solutions offered by Malibu products. The classes include implementing digital consultations.

For information contact Passion4hair on 01908 272863