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FAQ with Passion4Hair

February 23, 2022

Passion4hair answers their most commonly asked questions, including how to get better toning results, how to optimise your time and make more money and why choose PPD free colour.

I do a lot of services that require toning, how can I get more consistent and longer lasting results?

Toning is a service undertaking usually after bleaching. Bleaching hair is a highly oxidative process and in order to get the best toning results you should first stop the oxidation process. Water and shampoo alone does not stop oxidation sufficiently enough to optimise your toning result. MalibuC de-ox stops chemical processing on contact – click here to see Debbie Digby demonstrate how de-ox also normalises porosity ready for your toning service. The result is accurate, even, and longer lasting toning results. Order here. 

Why choose PPD free colour?

Many stylists have discovered that using a PPD free colour not only gives them a point of difference when colouring hair, but it also gives a safer and more comfortable experience for the client. Research shows that allergies and sensitivities to hair colour occur because of exposure over time. Even if your client has not developed an allergy, she could be sensitive to her colour service which may result in an itchy and uncomfortable service whilst the colour is processing and for some clients the itching can continue for days after the service. Using a PPD free colour, like Sens.Us MC2 minimises exposure therefore keeping your client safer. MC2 is also ammonia free with her 90% natural ingredients making it one of the best vegan options for todays sustainability conscious consumer. Click here. 

I am a really busy stylist, what can I do to optimise my time?

Sens.Us MC2 Fast Colour is a permanent hair colour that processes in just 10 minutes. A fabulous time saving option for you and for your busy clients that need/like to cover their roots every few weeks. MC2 Fast Colour is also a great solution for adding last minute depth to your balayage or highlight technique. Fast colour that is vegan friendly with no added PPD or ammonia. 

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I have many clients wanting to go lighter after they have coloured their hair at home, how should I start my service?

Before you reach for the bleach on any corrective colour service, prep with MalibuC for optimum results. Home colour can be tricky to remove, start with Colour Disruptor which ‘disrupts’ stubborn dye molecules for easier removal by MalibuC CPR (Colour Pigment Remover). CPR gives 1-3 levels of removal and can be used multiple times in one sitting. As well as removing colour molecules, CPR also removes mineral and medication build up prepping the hair ready for any lightening you may need to do with bleach making your lightening service faster, even and predictable. Look at this result here.

I recommend home care to my clients – how can I protect the repurchase when she needs to replenish her product and cannot get into the salon?

We know how frustrating it can be when your clients make purchases of professional products from your recommendation that do not benefit you. After listening to stylists expressing their despair, we launched SALONLOVE – clients can easily and conveniently purchase the products they love whilst still supporting you and your recommendation. Every purchase pays 32% gross profit to the salon, read about SALONLOVE here. Help your client put your recommendations on her wish list to ensure you never miss a revenue opportunity and she uses only the best hair care as recommended by you.  

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