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Own Your Blue (Hair) Monday!

January 20, 2020

Blue Monday – cold days, dark nights, festive season truly over and pay day still no-where in sight! But it doesn’t have to be all depressing…the guys at OSMO – professional hair brand rule breakers, are embracing Blue Monday with their daring Color Psycho Wild Blue dye.

“We’ve all heard of the saying, “fight fire with fire” so let’s run head first into the new year blasting the blues out of Blue Monday with the boldest brightest blues on the market! Blue may seem a brave choice but it’s the Pantone Colour 2020 and trendsetter celebrity’s like Rihanna to Kylie Jenner have sported this look.

OSMO Colour Psycho have the choice of Wild Blue or Wild Cobalt with ultra-kind moisturising properties and super long-lasting intensity. For the brightest results apply over pre lightened hair and leave for 30 mins before rinsing. Adding a little Wild Black to your mix will add mood, shadow and depth to your shade. On the other side of the scale to make a beautiful pastel blue use the OSMO Tamer to give a pastel, more delicate shade.”

Own Your Blue (Hair) Monday! 3


Adele Clarke – Owner of Spectrum Hair Company and OSMO IKON Brand Ambassador

OSMO Color Psycho Wild Blue and Wild Cobalt, £8.20

Unleash your inner wild child and transform your hair into an amazing wild blue by using the OSMO Color Psycho Wild Blue or Wild Cobalt semi-permanent hair colour cream. This colour cream is ammonia and peroxide free and even conditions hair as the vibrant colour is deposited. To achieve the perfect blue this Monday, apply to pre-lightened hair, leave for 30 minutes for best results and rinse thoroughly. Custom your shade by varying the mixing ratio by using the OSMO Color Psycho Color Tamer.

OSMO Color Psycho Color Tamer, £7.60

Not feeling brave enough to go Wild Blue just yet? Blend the OSMO Color Tamer with the OSMO Color Psycho Wild Blue or Wild Cobalt to dial down the wildness and create an ultra-wearable pastel blue hue to make your Blue Monday a little less blue!