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March 10, 2022

The pandemic brought tremendous change and upheaval to salon life and coupled with monumental events of 2020, we have witnessed an increasing push to prioritise diversity and inclusivity in the workplace.

The dialogues we are now having around racial and gender equality, LGBTQIA+ issues and underrepresented groups are encouraging us all to evaluate cultures and practices in our working lives. Many hairdressers have a growing desire to improve socially conscious practices within their salons and this cultural conversation is ongoing within our wonderful industry, being so open to listening carefully to the perspectives of individuals with diverse identities.

This issue we look at campaigns and creative projects that have been born out of the desire for all voices to be heard. Here at the magazine, our team was fortunate enough to have a lesson in trans awareness recently from the team at the Hair Has No Gender campaign and we want to share with you some of the helpful pointers to greater understanding and appreciation on page 24.

All of our collections this issue have a special back story behind their creativity. Hooker & Young looked to changing attitudes and breaking stereotypes with their amazing models; Sally Brooks challenged her creativity in a different way with her raw and real story; Great Lengths launched a campaign celebrating diverse and remarkable women and Melissa Timperley used her mature clients in a collection that empowers older women and embracing grey hair.

As it says on the T-shirt (page 26) STOP And THINK, it’s a good place to start.

Our February issue is out now in print & online!