Our Lips are Sealed | The ‘Shh! Weave’

November 03, 2023

Renowned for their custom colour blended looks, there’s a new technique in town for Spectrum One Hair Extensions – the ‘Shh! Weave’. The brand’s founder, Katy Grimshaw, talks us through the secret to achieving this full and seamless finish…

“The ‘Shh! Weave’ is a weave extension technique that’s made up of a beaded foundation, with hair layered on either side to conceal the beads.” Katy explains. “Whilst there’s a lot to love about regular weft and weave techniques, they can be challenging when it comes to clients wanting to wear their hair up. The conventional weft option unfortunately isn’t the most forgiving, and 9 times out of 10 the up-do won’t look seamless from all angles.”

That’s where the ‘Shh! Weave’ really comes into play!

Our Lips are Sealed | The ‘Shh! Weave’

“By sandwiching the bead with a weft on top and a weft on the bottom, securing with a closed blanket stitch to seal it together, you’re left with a seamless, totally discreet look – no matter which angle you flip the hair! The Shh! Weave works to conceal the bead not only when the hair is down and lying flat, but when it’s flipped up too.”

As this weave extension technique lends itself particularly well to mixing multiple wefts of hair, Katy and the Spectrum One salon stylists also love this technique for creating custom colour blends. “Usually, you’d have to buy a large pack of weave in just one colour, but we’ve started to sell Spectrum One Hair Extensions in 50 grams, so mixing the colours together is really simple – all you have to do is deconstruct the rows of weave and layer the colours together to hide the blend. You’d put one colour on top of the bead, for example, and another colour underneath. With a final closed blanket stitch to seal it together, the wefts all blend to perfection.”

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