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NHF talks: Getting to Know Your Customers Day

October 11, 2019

How well do you know your clients? Make a date in your diary for Get to Know Your Customers Day on 17 October as a reminder of how important it is to provide an amazing experience for your clients every time they visit.

A recent Beautiful Britain Report by Sally Salon Services found that women value having a good relationship with their hair/beauty professional. It’s even more important to them than price so great social skills are key for maintaining client loyalty. But how can you create that ‘special relationship’ with your clients that will keep them coming back and attract more word-of-mouth recommendations?

Personalise your service

Always do a consultation before every appointment. Never assume longstanding clients will always want ‘the same again’ – they may secretly aspire to a whole new look and may find it easier to go to a different salon that try to raise the subject with you.

A detailed consultation will also demonstrate to new clients that you run a professional salon that is able to give expert advice and really listen to what clients want.

Find out more about client consultations:

It’s good to talk

Try to keep up with your clients’ lives. For example, make a mental note of the conversations you have with clients at previous appointments so you can ‘pick up where you left off’ next time they visit. They will then feel appreciated as an individual rather than just another client.

Get some client loyalty lessons:

Appointment follow-ups

Always send out a feedback request to your clients after an appointment. Keep it simple and fast to do – for example, ask for a star rating of between one and five and ask if they were happy with the end result. Follow up bad feedback as soon as possible so you can put things right and turn a negative into a positive.

Not sure how to handle client complaints? Find out more:

Discover what your clients really think

Find out what your clients think by employing a mystery shopper who will be able to give you an independent assessment of the client journey in your salon. You can then act on the findings of the report to make improvements and address any problem areas. Find out more about the mystery shopping services offered by NHF/NBF Trade member Hidden Beauty:  

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