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NHBF Skills Zone | Consultation and Allergy Testing

December 08, 2022

Skills zone: Pivot point | Watch new video summary on Consultation, Allergy Alert and Industry Tests.

Running a hair or beauty salon or barbershop can feel very complicated, with lots of things that need to be in place to allow you to concentrate on building your client base. That’s why the NHBF have developed some quick and easy guidelines and lessons to guide you through it, ensuring you have everything you need to manage your business along the lines of the NHBF Professional Code of Conduct. These include:

• Understanding qualifications and training requirements
• Being clear on Health & Safety
• Understanding consultation, allergy alerts and industry tests
• And much more

To access these resources, head over to the Skills Zone on their website, where you have access to the new NHBF School with Pivot Point Lab. You will also find on-demand videos, podcasts, webinars on the latest business topics, in-depth guidelines, toolkits, and factsheets, all included in NHBF memberships.