My Pictures in Words: Sanrizz

March 08, 2024

Mane Character

“This collection is all about main character energy; it’s about being bold, fearless and unapologetic. For years, I have been fascinated by the influence of subcultures in London that break the rules of the mainstream to create a celebration of the individual, so I wanted to create a true representation of this youth culture.

My only influence for this collection was the individuals we shot. Each model had such a cool, unique personal style – it was actually impossible for me not to stop them on the street and ask if I could be their hairstylist! They already had main character energy and I wanted to enhance it even more by connecting and collaborating on hair ideas.

I have witnessed different subcultures thrive in London due to influences in music and film, such as the mods, rockers, punks and skinheads. Now there is a new generation of youth emerging. Many people are now brought up playing video games from an early age, particularly with games where you can create your own main character, choosing whatever hairstyle and whatever clothes and combining it together – the more unique, the more appealing! My feeling is that the younger generations are now adopting this influence to their own style. There are no rules, it’s a celebration of whatever character you can imagine being brought to life.’ 


Hair: Rudi Rizzo

MUA: Ami Tamiya

Styling: Bluebell Woi

Photography: Dani Baker