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My Pictures in Words | Robert Kirby

December 02, 2021

My Pictures in Words | Robert Kirby 2

“The collection was inspired by the fusion of ink and paper. Beautiful clean lines with silhouette shapes and colour pop. Natural Afro hair gave the effect of seeping colour stain, the sharp blue gave homage to the stripe of the artist’s brush. The black represented the curve of the nib of calligrapher’s fountain pen in the construction of a symbol and the red was how ink can run on a piece of paper and fuse with another colour. Styling was inspired by origami the ancient Japanese technique of paper folding. Strong paper and fabric construction with clean lines and architectural inspiration.” Robert Kirby, Robert Kirby London

Hair: Robert Kirby, Robert Kirby Hairdressing, Wimbledon and Balham, London
Make-up: Marta Wozniak
Styling: Elisa Heinesen
Products: ID Hair
Photography: Andrew Kimber

My Pictures in Words | Robert Kirby 1

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