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My Pictures In Words | Project X

October 13, 2021

“Lover They by Project X 2021 is inspired by a vibrant modern-day view of Punk that’s intrinsic with the 1980’s subculture Buffalo. Whilst capturing the essence of the Punk and Buffalo movements the Project X Team have evolved the themes, adding a contemporary update. Lover They is our take on an eclectic group of individuals celebrating unity through diversity and inclusion, it’s a melting pot of culture’s that blur the lines of historical labels.” Sam Burnett, Project X Team Leader

My Pictures In Words

PROJECT: X Team Members and their BUZZWORD for the shoot:

Kay Binnersley – Kay Binnersley Hair –  ECLECTIC
Roisin Murphy – K H Hair – INCLUSION
Lea Shaw – Rural Fringe Hair Salon – ATTITUDE
Cc McNamee – Andrew Smith Salons Fareham – DIVERSITY
Pamela Cooney – TONI&GUY, Cannon Street – INDIVIDUALITY
April Mash – Strangeways – PUNK-FUNK
Emma Simmons – Salon 54  – STREET
Nicola Hamm – Escape Hair Lounge – GRITTY
Arif Arikan – Alice and the Hair – REBELLIOUS
Reina Boddy – Joseph Ferraro Hair – FREEDOM

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Credits Art Direction – Sam Burnett, Hair – PROJECT: X 2021, Photography – Ben Hards,Styling – Masha Mombellie, Make-up – Coco Hirani, Sponsor – Kao Salon Division Products – Goldwell and KMS