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My Pictures in Words | Mike Taylor

April 13, 2022

Boys Will Be Boys! 

Created by Denman Ambassador Mike Taylor, the ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ collection was inspired by the Bash Street Kids. These looks are playful, combining a range of lengths and textures to create this collection of on-trend looks for the younger generation. 


The fade haircut continues to be the most popular for all ages and you can combine with any length on top to create various looks. Archie’s hair is very thick so this shorter style is more manageable for him. The sides and back were cut using clippers and blended through to the top using clipper over comb technique. The top length was cut and texturised to create a choppy look and then finger dried into place and styled using texture paste and a Denman Fantail Comb.


Tom has the most amazing curls and his hair is very thick. To reduce weight, the underneath was undercut using clipper over comb which gave versatility to the style as he could wear it both up or down. Using a styling cream, this look was dried using a diffuser to reduce frizz and define the curls. The Denman Fantail comb was then used to tease the hair into place.


This disconnected cut is inspired by the 90’s boyband look. The underneath is kept short but modernised with a taper fade at the back to give an on-trend, natural finished look. The top is kept longer and placed into a centre parting to create the curtain style. This look was styled using a tonic and a Denman Curling Vent Brush to create natural movement in the hair. 


This look was created using the Mike Taylor Education ‘5 Point’ method. Firstly, the back and sides were cut using clippers at grade #2. Clipper over comb technique was then used to blend the back and sides with the top, and the top length was point cut to create a textured look. The hair was blowdried using a Denman BeBop to manipulate the hair into the spiky finish and styled using a high hold pomade. 


My Pictures in Words | Mike Taylor