My Pictures in Words | ‘MATERICA’

April 13, 2023

“MATERICA was created in the timeless city of Matera and tells its story through a unique, sensory experience. 

The collection encourages its viewers on a journey through MATERA, through a triumph of sensations, colours, and fragrances that imitate its breathtaking views. The collection lays out its own story through Italy’s history and traditions, showcasing the true culture of this little Italian town.

The beauty of Matera shines through by appealing to the home comforts of Italy; our imaginations are taken to the smell of freshly baked bread, the flavours of homemade pasta, the fragrance of laundry hung out to dry and the sounds of music that ring out from local festivities.”


“Sens.ùs Creative Team 2022/23

Hairstyling: Jude Bale, Massimiliano Cardini, Maurizio Di Saverio, Enrico Franci, Michele Minciotti, Franco Nicolodi, Silvia Peluchetti, Davide Petterlin, Amedea Terenziani

Make-Up: Vania Cesarato

Styling: Veronica Spadaro

Photography: Paco Di 

My Pictures in Words | ‘MATERICA' 1