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My Pictures in Words: Debbie G

May 17, 2024

‘The Dandy’

“This collection was inspired by Dandyism – the male expression of flamboyancy and decadence that became a British movement in the late 18th and early 19th century. With their style of dress, Dandies were seen as forward thinking in their ideas and artistic approach to life.

For the hair, I have cut tight, head-hugging layers to create a strong silhouette. The top section has been left slightly longer and textured to add movement. In true reflection of the spirit of Dandyism, a ‘Crown of Hair’ has been added to show the playful and flamboyant nature of the movement. Finally, the look was completed with theatrical themed make-up and clothes styling to create a result that is both androgynous and decadent.”

Hair: Debbie G
Colour: Alina Ojog
MUA: Maddie Austen
Styling: Clare Frith
Photography: Chris Bulezuik

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